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You can now escape ant colony bad end after 3+ losses provided that you have at least 60 Intelligence. This counts as a failure in getting Phylla. Shouldra x Maddie feeding frenzy scene now have mention of jeans replaced with the more generic pants/trousers. Tidied up the abomination that is Sophie's menus. Implemented grayed-out buttons.This version focuses on polishing and tweaking the game. Some Christmas content. Reduced the amount of codex entries from 27 to 26 to account for the removal of Behemoth. You can now escape ant colony bad end after 3+ losses provided that you have at least 60 Intelligence.For strategy in each ascension run go to Ascension strategy. After defeating lethice it becomes possible to ascend in your camp. Ascending starts you on new game plus (NG+), with additional pluses depending on how many times you ascended. You gain ascension points based on various things you have managed to achieve which can be spent on various additional perks. When preparing to ascend, it is ...

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Fight me in single combat, one on one, warrior to warrior. Show me that you're worthy of your reputation!" As you delve into the sinkhole to locate the Dawnsword, you discover the Incubus Blackguard finding and corrupting it. Now wielding the Corrupted Dawnsword he turns to you, making Star Wars references and challenging you to a duel.Sep 20, 2020 · Bad End Save Files. First of this game is just the best I love that this can be played without doing the pornographic content but sometimes we all need to just take a step back and go you know what I wanna do this. To that end I was thinking last night about the bad ends for this game and I looked at various sites on the web and while its ... In the Bad end if you're defeated by Whisper you find out that Kas is actually in love with the Champion after your imprisoned in a gem by Tolus. Kas is then dragged in months or years later by Tolus to imprison her as well. ... Corruption of Champions II. CoC2 Questions & Answers. Forum statistics. Threads 32,625 Messages 418,548 Members ...Corruption of Champions: Xianxia is a fan-made mod of F enoxo's Corruption of Champions. A joint project between Ormael and Liadri, it overhauls many old features of CoC and adds many more, including new characters and even a 3-day tutorial in Ingham. The Xianxia mod works closely with Kitteh's UEE Mod, and many …Corruption of Champions is a single-player text-based adventure game created by Fenoxo. The date it was created is unknown, but records indicate it was around at least in January 2011. It's a standalone game with an infamous reputation for its content, which includes controversial topics such as rape, incest, and slavery. Reception of the game is …Azami is the first boss of the kitsune den; the player will immediately encounter her in the wardens' lodge upon moving away from the starting tile. Entering will have the champion seeing her, Yuzu, Kiri and Hinata having a meal about a table; this may have several outcomes depending on the player's earlier choices:The departure of the soul from the body seems to cause immediate mutation, turning the soulless husk into a demon. The new being is granted an immense boost of physical and magical power, though it likely takes some time to manifest judging for Regent Etheryn's dealing with her demon-ified sister with a few well-placed arrows!Corruption of Champions II. CoC2 Questions & Answers . B. Bob69 Guest. Apr 16, 2020 #1 First time tried out game about week ago. Overall game feels ok, besides unnecessary complex combat, not hard if you get companions, just cumbersome. ... Just bunch of minor scenes and one corruption related bad end as far as i can understand from corruption ...Simply put its the combined value of your fertility and virility, seeing as the Champion's sexual equipment is always in flux. I would have gone with "Fecundity" instead. It's rare in conversation but not obsolete. The general definition of "ability to produce offspring" is also vague enough to apply to either sex.Category:Sexable. From Corruption of Champions II. Characters in this category can have sex with the Champion at least once, without it leading to a bad end.Titfuck: Let Livrea sit on the bed's edge while you pound her tits. Lapfuck: Hold Livrea in your lap, bury your face in her tits, and fuck her good and hard. Cum Inside: Blow your load inside the bovine bard. Thigh Fuck: Squeeze Liv's thighs together around your dick and blow your load all over her tummy.Description. The grotto behind the waterfall doesn't stretch on for too long. It's been perhaps a five-minute walk through the darkness before you find yourself here: near the foot of the mountain on a rocky trail. Given that the Greyvale Ranges are riddled all over with gullies and ravines, the presence of a hidden trail isn't too out of the ...Description. 0. Talk to Nina about the vision she had. Nina, a perpetually smashed harpy at your wayfort's bar, had a vision in which you entered an old abandoned mine in the southeastern Frostwood and brought back something she claims as really important, even if she isn't sure exactly what it is. Whether you believe that her words are any ...Corruption of Champions II. Shrike675 Well-Known Member. Apr 8, 2021 737 494. Jan 13, 2022 #1 As a preface, once you start the wayfort quest to upgrade it, most of the following NPCS will have new buttons labeled [Wayfort]. Vendors will also permanently sell the required materials as long as you talk to them before finishing the quest (barring ...New Since Last Public Patch: You can now enter the city of Khor'minos proper, including a bakery and inn. New Enemy Encounter: Demon Goblin (appears only after clearing Winter City, found in Frostwood). Three new Rina scenes. New Cassia interactions once you're done with Rina's arc. Atugia and Brienne have new dual sleepwith scenes.When everything seems hopeless, Lumia appears in a blinding flash of sunlight. She does battle with the Abyssal Thing, leaving you and Kasyrra to mop up the corrupt spawn. There's a Bad End if you lose. If you defeat the spawn, you can either hug Kasyrra or give her a more intimate farewell.This is a comedic encounter that breaks the "fourth wall" between the in-game setting and the creators and players. This item will not work for a genderless character a second time. If Champion becomes female after purchasing, this item will no longer work, although any pending encounters will occur if the Champion goes to sleep as a different ...Corruption of Champions . B. Big Papa Coyote Well-Known Member. Nov 7, 2015 82 42 ... people's least favorite character because how I didn't think of putting a warning when getting close to triggering her bad end. At the time I had thought I considered most problems (way to disable her from game, way to talk her down bad end counter down). ...Dec 4, 2022 · There’s a new bad end associated with the quest. Lament the setting of the sun. After concluding Lumia’s new quest, you can interact (intimately and otherwise) with the Goddess of Fertility herself. Several new magic items, offered up as rewards from the goddess. Several new busts for Lumia and the adventure’s guests and foes. ( all by Moira) As a boss fight, Zetaz is quite challenging; he wields a far improved version of the Arouse spell, which means that PCs with high Libido are almost certain to lose against him (Bad End). He also possesses the ability to Blind the player, and uses a telekinetic attack to buffet them for health damage. Level: 12 HP: 520 Loot: Bimbo Liqueur; Zetaz ... Ceraph - An Omnibus-class demon found on the Mountain. Although an enemy, if she loses enough battles and is raped after each loss, she will eventually submit and agree to become the PC's slave. Hellhound Master - The masculine-leaning omnibus demon who created the Hellhounds. Lilium - An omnibus who prostitutes herself at the Bizarre Bazaar ...Hellhound NPCs. One or more unnamed Hellhounds - Roaming the Mountain. One of the four males you can BJ at the Salon to pay for their services is a "canine". It is not clear what that means. It may be a hellhound or possibly a dog-morph but most likely just a regular dog. Hellhound puppies - A PC with a vagina can be impregnated by a hellhound.There's a bad end in Cait's Quest and the Hive Quest with herAs the Champion ventures through the Northern region of th What happens if my question isn't here? Please post the question in the forum's Questions & Answers for CoC2 (link:) and it may be answered by staff or community members. I found a bug, where do I put it? Corruption of Champions II. K. Ker0k Membe Description. A bundle of purple and green long-stem clover, bound together with white string. Originating from a nation to the south, this clover earns it name from being highly aggressive as an invasive species. Farmers — absolutely sick of the stuff — began feeding it to their sheep. It wasn't until later that they found out that it's an ... Argoth's defeat will end the fight, but because of the

A core mechanic of powers, introduced in version 0.2.13, is mirror magic. Mirror Stance is an At-Will Stance power taught by Prince Philander during the events of the Convocation of Mirrors, it should be noted that this event contains significant information into the story and world, thus spoilers for the event will not be covered in this page. When this power is activated, certain powers cast ...Izma is officially 27 years old when the player finds her. Izma's chance of impregnating a PC is dependent on the PC's fertility. When it comes to impregnating Izma, there is a base chance of 10%, plus a further 1% chance per 100mls of cum that the PC produces. Whenever Izma or the PC has a child by the other, there is a 40% chance it will be a ...T. The Demon of Ice. The Mistress. The Pale Flame. The Ring of Fate. The Siege of Khor'minos. The Wyld Hunt.Usage. While the Dawnsword or Corrupted Dawnsword is equipped or in the Champion's inventory, there are instances where specific mentions of the sword is used: The Champion executing Queen Alissa during the events of The Demon of Ice (equipped) The Dawnsword gets a special mention when: Training with Annika. Talking to Lumia about Paladins.

Holli is the Dryad offspring of Marae after the goddess has been corrupted through the overflowing of the Factory . Description. Holli, short for Hollicynthea, is Marae's gift to the player after she has been corrupted. She has golden-brown eyes and the white of her eyes are actually black. Her hair is dark green and her skin is described as ...Ceraph - An Omnibus-class demon found on the Mountain. Although an enemy, if she loses enough battles and is raped after each loss, she will eventually submit and agree to become the PC's slave. Hellhound Master - The masculine-leaning omnibus demon who created the Hellhounds. Lilium - An omnibus who prostitutes herself at the Bizarre Bazaar ...…

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10. Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventures. This again is a text-based adventure genre game falling under the category of Games like Corruption of Champions and gives the real experience to the players with the fantastic sound effects and background music. Cabrera Brother developed the game in 2012.Spitroasting. Every year, a champion is sent to the land of Mareth in the hopes of finally ending the corruption there. Every year, they inevitably fail. Your story will go...a bit differently. Chapter content in the beginning …The Alraune I'm almost positive has a tentacle Bad Ending, and if you lose to subordinates in the forest you also get tentacle raped. There is definitely more, but I can't seem to remember specifics beyond the Alraune. #2. Super Male Vitality [developer] May 25, 2022 @ 11:45am.

It doesn't take long to find trouble. Gweyr runs into cultists accosting River and trying to vandalise the Waystone, an amateurish ambush, and a wall of cultists holding off Sanders. Every time, she makes the same promise — if they leave and return home now, she'll spare their lives. If not, she'll kill them.T. The Demon of Ice. The Mistress. The Pale Flame. The Ring of Fate. The Siege of Khor'minos. The Wyld Hunt.Xianxia_0.8w-z - apk ver. Xianxia Mod Trello. CoCX Discord. List of changes I so far made would be a little bit long and too boring so would point out few I think more important: -Soulforce (new resource to be used for few things - currently mostly used to use new type of attacks during fight: soul skills)

Art Corruption of Champions. 16 Comments. Thanks to Dra The Tentacle Beast is one of the sentient species of Mareth.. The tentacle beast lives in the Forest and in the Deepwoods and lives off the sexual fluids from its prey.. Tentacle Beast NPCs. Unnamed Tentacle Beasts - Found in the Forest and Deepwoods. "The Cowardly Tentacle Beast" - Encountered during Urta's Fertility Quest.; Becoming a Tentacle … 32,758. 419,183. 45,740. xanthias. 14. 257. 271. So I was looCorruption of Champions. 84 Comments. A while ago If you try to use Brute Force, you end up in combat with Captain Fenraus and his Chargers. If victorious, they surrender and abandon their post, retreating into the mountain. If you are defeated, it leads to a Bad End. The Chargers of Khor'minos are a significantly higher level than most of the Foothills enemies, so be careful with this option ...30 years ago her monastery of all female monks and warriors were born. Though Heather wasn’t born into it she found herself there. Fighting again and again to learn how to fight the incursions, helping the weak and down trodden. She was a great paladin. This is meant to be a list of dungeons that appear in But partaking three times results in the "Meet The New Boss" Bad End. Shutting down or destroying the factory affects the spawn rate of Green Slimes and Goo Girls . If the Factory is shut down, Green Slimes spawn at a 25% reduced rate but Goo Girls increase by 75%; it's reversed if the factory is destroyed. Content Author: Jokester "All right, show me just what a ChYou can now escape ant colony bad end after 3+ losses provided thatFight me in single combat, one on one, warrior to T. The Demon of Ice. The Mistress. The Pale Flame. The Ring of Fate. The Siege of Khor'minos. The Wyld Hunt.Kerosite. Nationality. The Old Country. Rindo closes her dead eye and continues watching you stutter and stumble over your words with her good eye, the slitted pupil thinning to a line as her smile broadens. Finally, her ears fold forward and she shakes her head. "You're pretty bad at acting normal. The Tentacle Beast is one of the sentient species Works every time. I typically play as a straight, dominant male, later gaining multiple dicks of varying shapes and sizes and an over productive set of balls. I start female, do my best to go over-sized futa, and choose a different race to turn into by the end. So far I've done dragon, cowgirl, bee, shark, and slime. Bad End If you try to use Brute Force to get past them and lose[Your personality changes to Dark Knight when you reach ~75 CorruWith a sigh, the Champion turns and leaves, causing a tear-strea Argoth's defeat will end the fight, but because of the Champion's interference, he will remain the warchief and Arona will be exiled for violating ancient tradition. However, by defeating Argoth, the rest of the orc warriors will submit to Argoth and stop their raiding. If the Champion loses the fight, it will result in a Bad End in which ...